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Again, Shurelia found herself fighting for consciousness, her head half-lifting before falling and lolling about her shoulders and her eyelids twitching as she tried to force them open. The furious grunts of a person next to her helped her to ground herself somewhat, and eventually Shurelia became lucid enough to recognize that she was kneeling on a wooden porch. Trying to move her legs pulled her wrists close behind, and vice versa, and looking behind her, Shurelia saw that they were connected together by the same length of rope.

She also found her feet clad in a pair of wooden sandals, her big toes lightly pinching the woven cotton straps, and her ankles draped lightly in reddish-purple silk with an odd checkerboard pattern. Turning her head back around and looking down over her torso, Shurelia instantly recognized the orange to off purple dress-it was her kimono, one of the many outfits she had the ability to switch into with an incantation. But how...

"I saw an image of you in it, and had one made up just for the occasion," the ninja from before said, smirking down at Shurelia as she walked out. As she watched the woman pass by, Shurelia's eye caught sight of her fellow captive-a blonde woman, clad in a shoulderless brown shirt and matching pleated skirt, similarly tied and kneeling, and thrashing back and forth as she grunted into a strip of black tape. A white strip of tape of the same length masked Shurelia's subsequent gasp, though only somewhat.

"I will give you the opportunity to speak one last time," Fuyu said as she ripped away Shurelia's gag, quickly plucking out a wadded-up sponge with her thumb and middle finger before dropping it before her. "Use it wisely."

Shurelia took a moment, hunching over somewhat and drawing deep breath after deep breath, before composing herself and looking up to her captor with a calm, yet slightly apprehensive look.

"Miss... you need not lower yourself to working with the likes of a man as evil as Bourd Rade. If you would just reconsider..."

"Bourd pays me well," Fuyu said, chuckling a bit as she folded her arms in front of her. "And his jobs are fun, too."

"Fun...?" Shurelia drew back a bit, clearly taken aback.

"Fun," Fuyu said, walking over to the blonde woman before grabbing her by the hair with one hand, causing the woman to roar angrily into her gag, and stroking her free hand lightly over the soles of Saber's feet, which had endured much tickling and casual rubbing over the course of her short, but excruciating captivity.

"Certainly you cannot mean such a thing, miss. To think of such things as fun..."

"I mean it." As she loomed over Shurelia, Fuyu's smirk began taking on an even more menacing nature, causing Shurelia to shiver.

"Was I ga syeary spitze mea."

Fuyu blinked once, then her eyes grew wide as she realized what Shurelia was planning. Panicking, she quickly snatched up the spit-soaked sponge and lunged towards Shurelia, even as her bonds began to glow with a dull light.

"Was I ga pat mea oter tttrrrrmmmm!" Shurelia came close to finishing the incantation and freeing herself once again, but a hand clasped roughly over her mouth, her head shaking as she attempted to pull away from her hand. She did for a moment, and began to speak again, only to have the sponge shoved into her mouth and another strip of sticky white tape quickly smoothed over it.

"Trying to get free? That wasn't nice... I was hoping to toy with you for just a bit longer, but I guess I'll have to dispose of you now."

"Mmmmfkmmmmmff?" Realizing the implications, Shurelia yelped and started to squirm again, Saber rocking from side to side with her own struggles. Both started to roll away, however clumsily, but Fuyu was upon them, and both of them were flipped onto their stomachs and dragged back. Their ankles were freed, but only temporarily, as Fuyu pulled out another short length of rope and tied it so it looped around Shurelia's left ankle and Saber's right.

As both women kicked their legs and struggled to stand-which became a non-option when Fuyu roughly planted both her knees in their backs-she quickly untied and re-tied both their wrists so the full length of the hogtie ropes was used to securely bind their wrists. These three ropes tied into place, Fuyu grabbed Shurelia and Saber and lifted them both to their feet.

"Now," she said, grinning at both, "how about we go for a little swim?"

The walk along the dock had been long-especially for the captives-and quite awkward. Both women squirmed in Fuyu's grasp and dug their heels in, refusing to walk until lurched forward and onto their knees. Fuyu had given Saber the woven leather sandals she had worn with the rest of her outfit, as more of a mocking gesture than anything, but with each fall, they slowly slipped off more and more until they fell into the water, sinking slowly to the bottom. As Shurelia watched them hit the coarse sand, kicking a pair of clouds up, she couldn't help but whimper as she realized the parallel to her own fate.

Both women were shoved into the backseats of the speedboat, which Fuyu proceeded to start up and speed off until the dock faded into the horizon. Surrounded only by little green lines off in the distance, Fuyu's eyes momentarily shifted to the sky above... a few rays of early morning sunlight shone sparingly through the light overcast all about. It was quite the beautiful view... it was just a shame her two captives were two busy struggling against their bonds to take it in.

Just for the fun of it, Fuyu quickly pulled to a stop as she found a secluded bay far out of the way that was just perfect for the job, causing both Shurelia and Saber to tumble out of their seats right back onto their stomachs. Laughing loudly and mockingly as she pushed them back into place on the leather cushions, Fuyu pulled out one last coil of rope, this one particularly thick and long, and wrapped it around both captives' ankles, winding rotation after rotation after rotation over both their bare ankles before pulling out a reinforced carabiner and hooking it around the rope. Giving the carabiner a few good tugs, she proceeded to drag out a large triangular concrete weight with a metal eye screwed in.

Looking down at the weight only intensified Shurelia's fears, and Fuyu watched on in amusement as she whimpered and shook her head frantically, eyes unwavering from the block which seemed almost a miniature tombstone at her feet. Saber's usual mask of calm was showing signs of cracking as well, as Saber looked between the weight and the deep, deep water all around her with the slightest tinge of fear in her eyes.

Fuyu only allowed the two to stew in their own feelings of foreboding as, teasingly slowly, she wrapped a hand around the carabiner, pulling it forward  and slightly extending both captives' feet, and clipping it around the metal eye before screwing the locking mechanism into place. She stood kneeling for a few moments, completely still, before jumping to her feet, pulling both captives to theirs, and forcing them to stand on the very edge of the boat, just before the idling prop.

Even the slight up and down movement of the speedboat caused both Shurelia and Saber no small amount of unease, as they found themselves wobbling about, trying desperately and failing to stand up straight. Neither of them saw the shove coming, and both cried out just before they hit the water. Fuyu allowed them to surface and flounder about, taking in short gasps of air in between slight facefuls of water, before holding up the weight for them to see and dropping it in, both their faces quickly disappearing beneath the surface.

The water was cold. Bitter, bitter cold, which did nothing to help Shurelia as she thrashed about in her bindings, her long skirt trailing behind her freshly bared legs as they pumped up and down. Every now and again, her fellow captive's struggles would send a rouge elbow or shoulder into her-little more than a nudge, thankfully enough-but this was the last thing on her mind as her eyes glanced towards the surface, diagonal rays of light growing distant all too quickly.

In short time, the concrete block smacked into the silt, lightly bouncing the two unfortunate women tied to it and kicking up a cloud of fine dirt which slowly settled about Saber's bare and Shurelia's sandaled feet. Shurelia's skirt slowly settled perfectly about her legs and feet, hiding the rope tightly knotted around them, which began to shift lightly as she pointed her feet towards the ground and lightly wiggled her legs in what was an attempt to swim away somehow, but what amounted to no more than another mere struggle.

With another whimper, a cloud of bubbles formed about Shurelia's face and quickly rose to the surface... she became aware of a burning in her chest, and she began to twist and writhe, as if doing so would somehow break the ropes. But even as she did this, the reality began to sink in... unless a miracle suddenly happened, both she and the unfortunate blond she was bound to would drown down here, alone.

And just as Shurelia's last breath escaped her, and her vision began to dim, a miracle happened. Summoning her strength as a Noble Spirit, Saber ripped through her ropes, nylon loudly ripping and tearing as it slowly gave way. Another rip, then another, and another, and Shurelia was suddenly free, and being hoisted quickly towards the surface by her fellow former captive, who was kicking towards the surface with Olympian strength.

And, exploding out of the water and hurtling through the air for a moment, Saber hit a dirt path, skidding quite a few feet down before finally coming to a stop, standing in a crouching position with the weakly wheezing Shurelia lifted over her shoulder.

"Ma'am," Saber said calmly as she laid Shurelia out on her back. "Are you alright?"

"I..." Shurelia started to speak, when she rolled onto her side and coughed up a few mouthfuls of water before looking up to her savior with a weak smile. "I'm alright."

"Good." Saber returned the weak smile with a slight one of her own. "Our captor is too far gone by now for us to find her, so we should focus our efforts on escaping this forest and finding our way back."

"But how? I have no idea where we are, or how to get back..."

"You are correct. But I believe someone who does know should be nearby." And so Saber offered a hand to Shurelia, helping her to her feet, before walking down the path a ways. They had to walk quite a while before they finally found them, but at the end of the path, Shurelia became overjoyed as she saw a pair of familiar faces waiting for her.

And so, with clacking, stumbling steps, Shurelia quickly made her way towards Aurica and Misha, both very much concerned, and drew them into a tight, sopping wet embrace as a woman in a red sweater and black frilled skirt with raven black, twin-tailed hair stood off to the side, smiling warmly, before walking to Saber, towel in hand.
Epilogue comes next, so stay tuned.

Prologue: [link]
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Epilogue: [link]

Fuyu belongs to :iconlostonezero: and appears with his permission.
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011
By the way, this passage caught my eye in particular:

""Fun," Fuyu said, walking over to the blonde woman before grabbing her by the hair with one hand, causing the woman to roar angrily into her gag, and stroking her free hand lightly over the soles of Saber's feet, which had endured much tickling and casual rubbing over the course of her short, but excruciating captivity."

Being a big tickle enthusiast, I'd love to see those earlier moments explored a little, if possible (a bonus chapter, perhaps?) especially since Saber's appearance, while a pleasant surprise, was rather abrupt and didn't get as much exploration as Shurelia's.

But that's up to you of course, and the story doesn't really need anything else added to it since it's good as is. Just thought it might make for a fun little side story. :)
Foxer35 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011
Could definitely be fun... only hang-up is I have a few other things to work on first, but I'd be happy to re-visit Saber's stay with Fuyu's doppelganger if the opportunity presents itself.
PoorUsername Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011
Whatever works for you. :)
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